The dream scenario is a board seat landing in your lap. Not having to hunt for it. To network for it. To hustle to find it.

The good news: That's actually possible!

On the show today we're going to hear how to make it happen.  My friend, Jessie Saintcyr, has had not one, but three different board roles find her.  She's never gone looking for a director position.

What's her secret???

Jessie built a staller reputation as a subject matter expert in HR solutions and workforce strategies. The result was that her reputation proceeded her.  Soon organizations were chasing her because they needed her specific skillset on their board. She's become so successful, in fact, she's even launched her own company to help organizations transform themselves through their people.

After this episode, you're going to walk away with a plan to implement this approach for yourself. You'll be able to follow in Jessie's footsteps and have choices about what board to serve on. 

Jessie explains that fit is crucial. So you'll want to wait for the right fit. 

Are you ready for this type of focus and clarity? Head on over now!

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