One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself on your journey to the boardroom is becoming an expert on personal branding. Learning how to effect...View Details

Finding your place in the boardroom can be a daunting task. Even more difficult, directing through times of adversity. Today’s episode focuses on how ...View Details

On the Boardroom Bound Podcast we’ve constantly preached the benefits of diversity of thought, leadership, gender, age and more in the boardroom. Typ...View Details

It’s one thing to land a board seat, but it’s another to master your personal leadership growth while in this role. It’s imperative to take each role...View Details

One of the largest challenges for new and aspiring board directors can be understanding how to properly prepare for meetings so that you and your coh...View Details

As you continue to probe your way through the process of landing your first board role finding mentors and hearing their stories, successes, and failu...View Details

The boardroom has seen such an evolution over the past 20 years alone. It’s imperative to constantly be aware of ongoing trends in corporate governan...View Details

Risk assessment in the boardroom is vital to the success of a company and its board. Mishandling of risk can lead to any number of compliance and regu...View Details

Today’s 100th Episode Special features some of the top tips, tactics and strategies from our first 100 episodes. We recap some of the best conversatio...View Details

In the boardroom we have to ask how we establish value and assist in generating a prosperous board, but how can you lead a team of board directors thr...View Details

There’s not one set background required to make it in the boardroom. In fact, directors come from an incredibly diverse pool of ethnic, cultural, and ...View Details

Hard work and exposure are two keys to kick starting your board journey. Today, we discuss how being readily helpful and ambitious are underrated, but...View Details

With a primary focus on growing the percentage of women serving in the boardroom, we discuss what a truly diverse group of individuals can bring to th...View Details

Learning about the different factors affecting the boardroom including legal implications set forth by the SEC are essential to being a successful boa...View Details

It’s not every day we’re granted the opportunity to gain insight and valuable knowledge from a former CEO and current board director on multiple Fortu...View Details

  “Take risks, break barriers, and create success on your own terms,” says Shellye Archambeau, Silicon Valley pioneer and long-standing board member f...View Details

“Perseverance and patience are two necessary traits for individuals looking to secure a board seat”, says Christine Spadafor on today’s episode of Boa...View Details

Technology is a key feature of modern-day business management, so it makes sense to leverage an expert in this space in a boardroom. This is what Mart...View Details

Putting women in the boardroom has been a challenge for employers and large companies for many years and has just recently become common place. Starti...View Details

On Boardroom Bound we are constantly advocating for the benefits and importance of equality in the boardroom. Diverse leaders are what make our boardr...View Details

The boardroom is constantly shifting and evolving to match the dynamic world we live in. It can be hard to keep up with current trends in the boardroo...View Details

One thing that’s become much more prevalent in today’s board environment is the role of the executive coach. Executive coaches are individuals tailore...View Details

On Boardroom Bound we constantly advocate for gender equality in the boardroom often citing the benefits of diversity of thought and a different persp...View Details

A phenomenal way to learn and grow as a director or prospective director is to learn from our own mistakes or the mistakes of others. In this way we’r...View Details

The board director search process can be a very complex and challenging process. Going into it with some insight and advice on best practices will dra...View Details

In July I was fortunate enough to find myself hosting the first installment of an ongoing conversation for  State Street executives on how to navigate...View Details

It’s not everyday we think about the intersection of art and business. In our case specifically it’s not everyday we consider what boardroom leadersh...View Details

A key piece of boardroom leadership we as board members may often neglect is our raw ability to lead. It’s important to remind ourselves of the duty ...View Details

Healthcare boardrooms can be some of the uniquely run in the entire industry. As with all other boards, it’s paramount they have a firm grasp over the...View Details

At times, the process boards use to actively recruit and add new directors to their team can be confusing. It’s critical to understand the recruiting ...View Details

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. It’s a bold statement, but a true one. We should be actively examining the top-performing boardrooms ...View Details

In today’s world, sustainability is at the forefront of concerns. The term “ESG” rings in the ears of many business leaders worldwide and has begun to...View Details

Have you ever wondered if there were consistencies between many of the country’s most successful boardrooms? What best practices are seen in these boa...View Details

Have you ever wondered if there was a best way to land a board seat? Are driven and attracted to new ideas and businesses? Are you looking to support ...View Details

When your team succeeds, you succeed. This is the mindset we need to bring more into the boardroom to achieve a greater amount of success. To be a ser...View Details

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a holistic leader in your role? What advantages and disadvantages come from this type of leadership? Are we...View Details

In this new age of board directors there is a lot to learn. Many adjustments in the way we lead in the boardroom are a direct result of changes we’ve ...View Details

Not all boards are created equal, however, all boards share some of the same necessities in order to operate effectively and achieve their mission. It...View Details

In the boardroom, everyone knows the importance of differentiating yourself. How you add value is evaluated and compared to others similar to yourself...View Details

When stepping into a new role it’s important to quickly discern the best way for you to add value. In today’s fast-paced boardroom environment, making...View Details

A diverse boardroom is a powerful boardroom. It seems today’s boardroom is obsessing over diversity and inclusion. We’ve all heard how powerful it is ...View Details

A technical background adds so much to a boardroom. It’s important to fully understand the value you are able to add in order to market yourself more ...View Details

What does it mean to join the masterclass of board leaders? What habits and traits differentiate the good from the great? Today, we analyze what it ta...View Details

Although diversity is one foundational principle of a successful boardroom, it takes a little more than just being diverse. Diversity is an incredible...View Details

  Diversity is essential to the success of a boardroom. Inclusion creates the diversity of race, religion, and gender while also creating diversity of...View Details

Economics can be an incredibly useful discipline if put into proper practice. In the boardroom, economists can help us as board directors make informe...View Details

Sometimes we find ourselves in positions we would’ve never guessed we’d end up in. That’s how today’s guest found himself in the boardroom. Although n...View Details

In all that we do, the goal is to be truly great. To add value in multiple streams, to improve the lives of those around us, and to be excellent in ev...View Details

A board composition matrix identifies the skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities desired of a board to enable it to meet both the current and ...View Details

A board composition matrix identifies the skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities desired by a board to enable it to meet both the current and ...View Details

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