Boardrooms are experiencing major transformation and disruption as we transition into a world that demands greater transparency, digitalization, and social accountability. The old ways of doing business are becoming less relevant.

Directors now need different skills, a sense of purpose and capabilities that far exceed being well connected and experienced. There is an increasing demand for a new type of board member to help govern companies and organizations in the 21st century.

But, where will the next generation of directors come from? And, how do you become a non-executive board director, especially if you consider yourself an ‘outsider’?

To address all this, I want to introduce you to Paul Smith.  Paul is the founder of the Future Directors Institute, an international training company dedicated to preparing next-generation leaders to lead in the boardroom. 

In today’s episode, we explore the process of finding and securing a board role and how to overcome the significant challenges that stand in your way.

You'll get a practical takeaway from today; Paul calls this the 5 C's:

  • Commitment -- Know your why, what, when and where you wish to serve
  • Contribution -- Identify and powerfully articulate your unique contribution to the boardroom
  • Credibility -- Clearly demonstrate that you'd be an asset, not a risk, to the boardroom
  • Community -- It's all about who knows you and what they say about you to others
  • Confidence -- You know you can take on the challenge and secure your ideal board role

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