Lauren Davis is obsessed with empowering her clients through social media to boost sales, increase exposure, and impact their communities.

She's an entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, graphic designer, and “brand builder” who, through Lauren Davis Creative, helps people strategically leverage social media to attract the relationships they need to flourish.

She's an all-around marketing pro who shares with us her best practices for the four leading social media networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Want Lauren's key strategies to using social media wisely as a personal brand?

Lauren teaches her clients the importance of creating an emotional, human connection – and making someone feel something. People remember things if they’re emotionally tied in, but be careful not to overuse this concept.

How do you actually connect on an emotional level with your audience? Use the same kind of conversation you’d have with a good friend at a coffee shop, with someone who would be your potential client. Open yourself by positioning yourself as an expert, but one who’s a human and still feels things. This reminds your audience of their own lives and the similarities between you.

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