You'll know all about for-profit, aka corporate, boards. Probably about non-profit boards too.

But what do you know about advisory boards?  Do you understand how those can advance your board career?

Think of an advisory board as a sounding board for an entrepreneur. Advisory boards provide expertise, guidance and business-development insight. They furnish entrepreneurs with a group of experts who can discuss opportunities, challenges and next steps.

On this week's podcast, we're talking with advisory board expert Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz. Rudi will explain how advisory boards are a niche you should focus on.  

Rudi serves on multiple advisory boards. She's sought out because of her exceptional understanding of the interdependencies of critical business functions and how they relate to each other in regards to strategic finance. 

Rudi specializes in finance leadership. She's written a book on the topic -- it gives CEOs a fiscal navigator to embrace operational finance more positively and experience sustainable growth with a continuous improvement and value creation approach.

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