Lauren Davis is obsessed with empowering her clients through social media to boost sales, increase exposure, and impact their communities. She's an en...View Details

If you were transported back one or even two decades ago, can you imagine leading CEOs and Directors openly sharing their views on why gender balance ...View Details

If starting today every new corporate director was a woman, it would take 40 years to achieve boardroom gender equality. Shocking! This statistic gets...View Details

If you could think of just one board expert to give you advice, whom would it be? Maybe someone who has been there and done it all?!  Perhaps someone ...View Details

Jan Molino spent 16 years in retained executive search where she specialized in advising boards around leadership assessment and succession. She then ...View Details

Deborah Rosati is determined that others shouldn't have to experience what she did at the start of her board career. Deborah was consistently the onl...View Details

You'll know all about for-profit, aka corporate, boards. Probably about non-profit boards too. But what do you know about advisory boards?  Do you und...View Details

Retirement. The second act. Halftime. The final frontier. Call it what you want. But it represents an opportunity. For many, they finally have time to...View Details

Women are more than 50% of the population yet represent less than 20% of corporate board seats.  Stephanie Sonnabend wants to do something about that!...View Details

After several years of depressing headlines on workplace ethics, it would be easy to give up on this subject. But Pat Harned, CEO of the Ethics and Co...View Details

Do you get a second chance to make a first (Board) impression?  No! And that's because there are only 70,000 Board seats in the US. And since only a f...View Details

Most of us think about a possible board role in terms of how it fits into our life: what will it do for me, will I have time for it, can I give it my ...View Details

If only there was a one-stop-shop where you could learn everything you need to know about being a board director.  Oh wait, there is: NACD. The Nation...View Details

Betsy Atkins is often asked, “How can I get on a board?” That's because she's a corporate governance expert with an eye for making boards a competiti...View Details

We are all involved with leadership. From the White House to our house, leaders impact our lives. The boardroom is no different -- you're setting the ...View Details

Donald Miller. John Maxwell. Ray Edwards. What do these thought leader brands all have in common?  They turn to Mike Kim for a brand strategy and hel...View Details

Your personal brand is essential to landing a paid board role!   But what steps should you take to build your personal brand? On today's episode, we d...View Details

In the (not-so) good ‘ol days, you had to be a CEO to land a board seat. It didn’t matter that executives slightly lower on the corporate totem pole w...View Details

Soooo many executives aspire to be a Director. Often they envision having a portfolio of board roles after they retire from the C-suite. But being a D...View Details

One of the TOP questions I get asked by my followers is: what is the best way to land a board seat? It can be overwhelming when you think about all th...View Details

Ever wondered how a headhunter finds the people to fill jobs?Russ Reynolds practically invented the executive search industry. Considered one of the p...View Details

How much could you share about the boardroom if you'd been in a board meeting every quarter since you were 26 years old?  And what if that started 35+...View Details

You've been perfecting your interview technique for years. But what if you need a different interview skillset for board positions?! In today's episod...View Details

How would you like a front row seat for training delivered by one of the leading authorities on Board architecture? Well, then today is your day!  Mee...View Details

Wouldn't it be great if someone gave you a cheatsheet to understand the board landscape? Well, today is your lucky day! In this episode, Debbie Seeger...View Details

If you're a board director, the company secretary is your best friend.  That might sound strange. But let's start by clearing up a misconception. Desp...View Details

We've all heard about the importance of an elevator pitch. But how much does it really matter? In today's episode, we're joined again by Matt Craven, ...View Details

Is there a wrong reason to do Board work?   Tommy Breedlove thinks so.  On today's podcast episode, Tommy explains how he originally joined boards for...View Details

Most people seeking a paid board role focus on public companies.  But they're missing a much bigger market: private for-profit companies. There are le...View Details

Would you answer the call? We're talking about the call that leads to a board seat.  You have to be willing to put yourself out there to land a board ...View Details

Writing a board of directors resume is much the same as writing any other executive resume, right?  NOT QUITE. Some individuals expect resumes to all ...View Details

Wouldn't it be easy if someone could give you the secrets from inside the boardroom?  Do you ever wish there was a roadmap to becoming a paid corporat...View Details

What if I told you there's a brand new method for getting onto a board? One that will short-circuit the traditional approach. On today's show, we're g...View Details

The boardroom is changing rapidly! How can you keep up? Expectations for corporate directors are rising. Companies are more global and connected—and b...View Details

Everyone knows you join a board to network, right?  WRONG!   If you follow this conventional wisdom you won't actually bring your best self to the boa...View Details

You've heard it before right?  Networking is ESSENTIAL. It's absolutely true that the most likely route to getting a board seat is to use your network...View Details

I'm going to introduce you to a short-cut to landing your first board role. A way where someone else will match you with an organization needing your ...View Details

The dream scenario is a board seat landing in your lap. Not having to hunt for it. To network for it. To hustle to find it. The good news: That's actu...View Details

It helps to learn from someone who's been there, done that.   For today's show, we learn from Gordon Hall.  He's served on 6 public boards over 17 yea...View Details

It's easy to become overwhelmed by everything you need to do to launch and grow a board career. I know. I've been there. I've faced this challenge.  ...View Details

One of the goals of this show is to lay out a simple path you can follow to advance your board career.  Are you ready? If you've started sharing with ...View Details

In this episode, I interview Steve Bartlett for lessons learned from his 25 years of serving as an independent director on 5 different public boards. ...View Details

Welcome to the very first episode of my new podcast Boardroom Bound.  For the next few episodes, I'll spend a lot of time covering positioning and wha...View Details

Welcome to the intro episode of Boardroom Bound!  This show is designed to help you build a board career of influence and impact. Find out what makes ...View Details

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