In this episode, I interview Steve Bartlett for lessons learned from his 25 years of serving as an independent director on 5 different public boards. Steve reveals that the key to success on a board is a mindset of service.

Below are a few highlights from the episode.  Enjoy!

3:30 - A board role is not a job, it's a calling.  You're there to create value.

6:38 - Finding a board seat isn't a job application. You're not applying to be part of management. 

10:35 - You can't press it, push it, or go around handing out your resume. You can steer the conversation and let it be known you're seeking a board role. But don't press it because if people think you're too eager they'll be suspicious of your motives.

12:52 - To obtain a board role, show a sense of purpose while being clear about the unique value and assets you'd bring. 

14:52 - To help a nonprofit, identify what that organization is trying to accomplish and how you'll measure it.  If you don't measure results you won't have any.

17:37 - Boards don't give orders, they ask questions. Board members need to ask the right questions and guide management along the right purpose. You'll scare management if you tell them how to manage the organization. You need to switch to strategic guidance.

19:10 - A board role actually means a service opportunity. You're in public service.

There's almost too much great content in this episode. Click here to listen now!

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