One of the goals of this show is to lay out a simple path you can follow to advance your board career.  Are you ready?

If you've started sharing with your network that you want to be a director of a for-profit company, then you've very likely received the feedback that you should start by being on a nonprofit board.

So many people think that's the best way to start a board career.  But is it?

In today's episode, I'll demonstrate that this can be a very successful approach! My friend Jack Good will explain how he parlayed his nonprofit board experience into paid board seats with for-profit organizations. 

Jack recently retired from a 35-year career in public relations, marketing and communications. During that time he held board roles with numerous local and regional nonprofits. 

The key to this story is that Jack did what all of us need to do: excel in the opportunities we're givenBecause Jack added tremendous value to each nonprofit he was involved with, his reputation grew. He became known throughout the region as a sought after board member. 

I'd didn't take long before for-profit CEOs were approaching Jack to join their board. Jack has created a sterling brand and reputation which directly led to multiple offers of for-profit board positions.

The best part is that this is a plan anyone can follow. Jack offers great advice on how to execute this strategy.

Are you ready to learn an easily replicable model and how to apply it to your own board career? Press play and let's dive in.

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