It helps to learn from someone who's been there, done that.  

For today's show, we learn from Gordon Hall.  He's served on 6 public boards over 17 years.  

During his distinguished board career (he's currently the Chair of one board and lead independent director of another), Gordon's learned there are 8 timeless skills required to be a director at a public company.

Though you could say there are actually 9 skills -- because it's a requirement that any director has a basis of demonstrated and known integrity.  The others all follow on from this starting point.

Here's a rundown of the 8 skills we discuss in the episode:

  • Judgment
  • Managing ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Independent thinking
  • Curiosity
  • Communication
  • Decisiveness
  • Resilience, strength and grit
  • Encourager 

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