Diversity is essential to the success of a boardroom. Inclusion creates the diversity of race, religion, and gender while also creating diversity of thought- the most important of the benefits created by diversifying a boardroom. To learn more about how diversity truly adds value to boardrooms we welcome Michele Ashby.

Michele is an engaged Independent Director with a collective corporate board experience of 18 years on six corporate boards. She is currently an Independent Director for McEwen Mining Inc. and MENE Inc. as well as a subject matter expert on corporate boards, a keynote speaker and an executive business consultant. 

She’s also Principal & Founder of ACE LLC and committed to training 1,000 women to be board ready. Here, her focus is on educating, supporting and teaching women how to attain corporate board positions through her unique program, ACE Board Certification Training for Women.

In today’s episode, Michele walks us through her experience joining her first board, what she’s learned, and how her experiences have poised her to leave her mark in the board space through diversity and inclusion. She also reveals the secrets of diversity and why we not only want, but need a diverse boardroom. We discuss all of these topics and more on this episode of Boardroom Bound. 

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During this virtual meeting, we will discuss several key actions that boards should consider taking now. 

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