As a board member, whether currently sitting or aspiring, your goal needs to be focused on how you can add value as this ultimately is where you’ll find the best chance of landing on or contributing to a board. Especially in today’s boardrooms, strategic thinkers are sought after because they add value. No longer are board members executing as they would in the C-Suite but rather offering guidance and feedback backed by strategic thinking.

Although the answer is clear, getting there is more difficult. Where does strategic thinking begin and how are aspiring board members to begin transforming their way of thinking to leverage strategy in decision-making? How do we establish effective frameworks and approaches and what do those look like?

To answer these questions, I tracked down the expert on all things boardroom strategy, Rich Horwath. Rich is one of the top global thought leaders on strategy. His interactive Deep Dive Strategic Thinking Program is helping leadership teams not only develop their strategic thinking skills but also their strategic action/execution skills.

In today’s episode, we unpack how aspiring board directors can add value through strategic thinking and how to transition into the guiding, coaching role. We also address the idea of why strategic action and execution skills are crucial to your success in the boardroom.

We address these ideas, and many others on this episode of Boardroom Bound.


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