In this day and age, LinkedIn is as useful a tool as any. It’s vital to represent and brand yourself excellently online. Building a meaningful network while simultaneously selling yourself and how you add value should be the motivation behind your profile. However, simply having a profile is not enough. 

LinkedIn has expanded over the last decade to facilitate an incredibly larger pool of users while also offering an increasingly diverse set of applications. Of the nearly 250 million monthly users, how are you to set yourself apart? Where do you start and how can you leverage all the tools and benefits that LinkedIn provides?

To answer these questions, I sought out the expert of LinkedIn profiling, John Nemo. John is an online course creator and the bestselling author of LinkedIn Riches: How to Use LinkedIn for Business, Sales & Marketing! John’s work has been featured by The Huffington Post, Business insider, and LinkedIn’s official marketing blog.

In today’s episode, we engage in how users can differentiate themselves while leveraging all that LinkedIn has to offer. Here are three of John’s top tips on what to focus on when creating your LinkedIn profile.


TIP #1: Make it clear what you do, how you add value, how you can help whoever reaches you. Use your bio and about section to do this really well.

TIP #2: Make personal connections with the individuals you come in contact with by doing research and learning about the individual!

TIP #3: Use your picture space to your advantage. For example, if you’re looking for a board seat your LinkedIn should reflect that in the header 

We address these tips, an many others on this episode of Boardroom Bound.

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