As we transition into a new era of corporate governance, the need to bridge the gender gap is larger than ever. Today’s governance styles depend on bridging this gap, whereas, previous boardroom leadership styles neglected this striking imbalance.

As companies more intentionally recognize and correct this imbalance, they simultaneously recognize the added benefits and success that comes with diversity. Although a top priority for boardrooms now, finding supply to fill these roles is complicated. Women making the jump to the boardroom are often stuck in a difficult position of confusion and misdirection. Where can these women look to find answers? How do individuals know when they’re ready? Where do they start?

To address all this, I want to introduce you to Sheila Ronning.  Sheila is founder and CEO of Women in the Boardroom – an organization helping bridge the gender gap in the boardroom.  She's an expert on boardroom diversity and leadership and a trailblazer in working toward gender equality in the boardroom.

In today’s episode, we explore how women can prepare themselves for boardroom leadership. Sheila offers us insight into where to start, how to market yourself, and how to leverage your tools.

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