As we push on into a new age of boardroom leadership, the landscape is shifting to reflect a larger need for gender equality. Today’s leadership styles thrive on diversity and suffer without proper inclusion. Previous boardroom strategies are being exchanged for more successful, diverse leadership.

It’s commonplace now to hear continuous advocacy for gender equality in the boardroom. Other than pure popularity, what other reasons support the need for gender equality? Where can we see the results and the reflected benefits of diversity? Why is there an increasing demand for women in the boardroom? 

To address all this, I want to introduce you to Kiersten Barnet.  Kiersten is the Global Head of Bloomberg's Gender-Equality Index which tracks the financial performance of companies leading in data transparency and excellence as it relates to women.

In today’s episode, we explore why women add value to boardroom leadership and how diversity is actually the key to success!  Kiersten will help us to understand how boardroom excellence is promoted by gender equality and what sort of comparisons we can make to verify these ideas.  

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