Donald Miller. John Maxwell. Ray Edwards. What do these thought leader brands all have in common? 

They turn to Mike Kim for a brand strategy and help with marketing their message.

And that's relevant for all of us! Because aspiring board directors need to think through their value proposition and how to share that with the market.

On today's episode, I'm delighted to have my friend Mike join us. He's a marketing wizard who specializes in personal branding. 

Mike explains that one of the most common struggles you’ll face when building a personal brand (and you are your brand!) is in how to market yourself. But there's an easy solution: use your personal story. 

A personal story is a carefully crafted narrative that has one purpose: to create a connection. A compelling story makes you memorable. In a sea of endless other board director candidates, that's huge.

Developing your personal story is the first step in building a profitable personal brand — and it’s the fail-safe way to marketing yourself like no one else can. It's the way to stand out as the perfect board candidate.

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