One of the TOP questions I get asked by my followers is: what is the best way to land a board seat?

It can be overwhelming when you think about all the work you’ll need to do to build a platform for your candidacy and then network in the right way. While it may seem daunting to do, there are actually ways to shortcut the process.

And this is exactly what Peter Gleason and I discuss on today’s episode

Pete is CEO of the National Association of Corporate Directors. NACD empowers new and aspiring directors to lead with confidence in the boardroom. They prepare today's directors for tomorrow's challenges. So Pete is perfectly placed to help you understand how to land a board seat!

Here’s a Peek Inside the Episode

  • Use an education program to learn the best practices.
  • Leverage that certification to bullet-proof your credentials.
  • How to network using secondary connections.
  • Tips on using a peer experiential learning environment to rapidly grow your knowledge.
  • Understand what diversity means in the boardroom and how that’s an opportunity for your candidacy.
  • Why the traditional path to the boardroom has been upended.
  • How concern about overboarding provides opportunity for you.
  • Understand the trends boards are currently facing.

Once you’ve listened to the episode, here’s what I hope you’ll do: take one step. Pick one of these ideas and put it to work in your board search process. I think you’ll be blown away by the results.


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