Ever wondered how a headhunter finds the people to fill jobs?

Russ Reynolds practically invented the executive search industry. Considered one of the pioneers of today's executive search profession, he's built two of the industry's most prominent search firms: Russell Reynolds Associates and RSR Partners.  

On today's episode, Russ joined me in the studio to recount his most valued experiences and offers a ton of insight into the way headhunters really work. And he dispenses the myth that you must engage an executive search firm to secure a board seat -- Russ is clear that you don't find them; instead, headhunters find you (as in they find the perfect person for each specific board position.)

Russ also shares that his book, Heads, reveals the tricks of the headhunting trade, including how to write a resume, how to get noticed without being obvious. 

Click here to listen now and learn how the executive search business really works. 



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