We've all heard about the importance of an elevator pitch. But how much does it really matter?

In today's episode, we're joined again by Matt Craven, a speaker on personal branding, thought-leadership, LinkedIn and career development.

Matt explains that anyone aspiring to be a board member must focus on building their personal brand. That goes beyond just the elevator pitch. Your personal brand is how the world sees you. Fortunately, you have the ability to grow, shape, and enhance the image you present.  

Matt recommends you view yourself as a service provider. Concentrate on shifting your position from being a generalist to someone who speaks with authority about your industry. That will make you sought out for your expertise! In this way, you can carefully and intentionally build a platform. On that Boards will be seeking.

To provide an example of how this works, during the episode, Matts offer constructive feedback on my LinkedIn profile. And I learned tons!  Apparently, I hadn't been speaking to the needs of my target audience and wasn't explaining what I could offer them.  (Fortunately, my revised LinkedIn profile is much stronger after Matt's insights!)

Matt has generously offered the same complimentary LinkedIn critique to any of the Boardroom Bound tribe.  You'll want to take advantage of this offer because, with the right profile, board roles will find you!  Your revised profile can become the "pull" part of your board search process; this will dovetail with your "push" efforts: networking. 

You're going to find some many actionable insights from this episode! Including how to make immediate changes to your LinkedIn profile. Click here to listen now!

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