Is there a wrong reason to do Board work?  

Tommy Breedlove thinks so. 

On today's podcast episode, Tommy explains how he originally joined boards for the wrong reasons, especially the compensation, the notoriety, the networking. And that was indicative of his whole life approach. And what he was (seemingly) doing fabulously well in his career, his life was really falling apart.

After hitting rock bottom (err, re-positioning his focus), Tommy decided to focus on service and giving back. Now he's dedicated to pouring into others. And that includes serving on boards -- both for and nonprofit -- where he can add tremendous value.  

Tommy has developed a simple life plan that keeps him pointed towards true north. And he shares the secret for how you can use this powerful methodology yourself. And this strategy will help you find the board roles that are right for you.

You're going to be able to walk away today with some simple strategies that you can incorporate into your business and professional lives immediately. These will literally change how you view the opportunities in front of you and how you can focus on those that best fit.

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