Wouldn't it be easy if someone could give you the secrets from inside the boardroom?  Do you ever wish there was a roadmap to becoming a paid corporate director?

Fortunately, there is!  And today we're giving away those secrets.

Meet DeForest Soaries. He has an unbelievable, almost accidental path to the boardroom.  But because he didn't have anyone to mentor him along the way, he's determined to make it easier for others. He has designed a course to help others learn how to navigate their own path to a board seat.

Let's be clear why this is a good story.  DeForest is a pastor by training. And he wasn't searching for a board role. In fact, his first paid role was a complete surprise. 

On today's episode, we hear how he joined the board of his local bank.  But without realizing he'd be compensated.  That fortuitous turn of events caused him to seek other boards seats. 

Before long he'd landed an independent director role with one of the Federal Home Loan Banks.  That, in turn, led to a network which opened up opportunities to serve on the boards of two public companies. 

Yet before all this success, DeForest asked others to mentor him. But no one was willing. And it's a whole lot tougher to have to figure it all out yourself!

So DeForest has created an online course to train future corporate board members. And he's offering a special discount to our listeners.

So, are you ready to hear how DeForest positioned himself for the boardroom?  And how you can too?  Click here to listen now!

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