The boardroom is changing rapidly! How can you keep up?

Expectations for corporate directors are rising. Companies are more global and connected—and board oversight is increasingly more complex. Social issues are starting to become part of strategy discussions. Meanwhile, institutional investors continue to push for board diversity. And directors recognize that every board member needs to bring something valuable to the table.

Phew. Sounds stressful! And yet these board roles are highly coveted. 

If you're committed to being a successful director you need to keep pace with this frenetic change. 

Public company boards play a critical role—one that requires experience and savvy. Yet for a long time, some investors and other critics have argued that boards value collegiality, consensus and the status quo over innovation and fresh thinking.

Fortunately, in today's episode, we'll hear about increasing evidence that boardrooms are evolving and showing signs of change. We're joined by Paul DeNicola, a Principal in PwC's Governance Insights Center, and someone frequently ranked by as one of the top experts in corporate governance.

Paul will share some of the biggest challenges facing board members, including

  • Being "noses in and fingers out." Boards are not tasked with running a company. Directors help set strategy and they do need to understand what's happening with the business, but they must allow management to run the organization.
  • Addressing ESG (environmental, social and governance) -- which is so much more than just environmental matters. It also covers social issues like a company’s labor practices, talent management, product safety and data security. It covers governance matters like board diversity, executive pay and business ethics.

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