Everyone knows you join a board to network, right?  WRONG!  

If you follow this conventional wisdom you won't actually bring your best self to the boardroom.  This traditional approach dictates seeking the most high-profile opportunity available.  Which probably won't lead to an organization or mission you're passionate about.

Instead, focus on finding a board seat where the organization's mission aligns with your values.  That way you'll bring your best to every board interaction. 

Networking will happen automatically.  If you do a great job your peers will naturally share with others how invaluable you are as a director. 

On today's episode, you'll hear the wisdom of Doug MacGray.  Doug has served on seven different nonprofit boards.  He started down this path to network for business purposes.  But he did it smartly -- Doug contributed his time and talent to causes he truly believed in.  That allowed him to flourish in the role.  Which led to a stellar reputation.  

Along the way, Doug has gained tremendous insight into what it takes to be successful as a board member. He shares all of those nuggets of wisdom with us.

So, are you ready to turn your expectations upside down about why you join a board? Press play to hear Doug's nuggets of wisdom!

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