You've heard it before right?  Networking is ESSENTIAL.

It's absolutely true that the most likely route to getting a board seat is to use your network. (About half the director positions are filled this way.) I've witnessed this first hand. But a close second is to use an executive search firm.

But how does that process work? How can you become friends with the uber-influential headhunter who has a Chairman's ear?

Today, I'm introducing you to my friend Charles King. Charles isn't like most headhunters -- he doesn't primarily focus on filling executive roles and occasionally run a few board searches. No, Charles ONLY focuses on board positions.  He's done it for 20+ years. He's filled over 600 director positions. And he's NEVER failed to successfully complete a search!

I can think of no one better to share the inside story with you. To explain how the boardroom has evolved. To provide clear guidance about what boards look for and how to position yourself. 

In this episode, Charles explains

  • What boards look for: 3 C's (competence, commitment, chemistry)
  • How the demanding workload (250+ hours per year) is driving away public company executives and creating an opportunity for others
  • Ways to rally your network to support your ambition to be a director

Now, let's dive in!

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