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  Diversity is essential to the success of a boardroom. Inclusion creates the diversity of race, religion, and gender while also creating diversity of...View Details

Have you ever considered becoming a board member? Not sure what it involves, or how to make it happen? Many people think the ideal starting point for ...View Details

Most of us think about a possible board role in terms of how it fits into our life: what will it do for me, will I have time for it, can I give it my ...View Details

Everyone knows you join a board to network, right?  WRONG!   If you follow this conventional wisdom you won't actually bring your best self to the boa...View Details

I'm going to introduce you to a short-cut to landing your first board role. A way where someone else will match you with an organization needing your ...View Details

The dream scenario is a board seat landing in your lap. Not having to hunt for it. To network for it. To hustle to find it. The good news: That's actu...View Details

One of the goals of this show is to lay out a simple path you can follow to advance your board career.  Are you ready? If you've started sharing with ...View Details

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