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  Diversity is essential to the success of a boardroom. Inclusion creates the diversity of race, religion, and gender while also creating diversity of...View Details

In this day and age, LinkedIn is as useful a tool as any. It’s vital to represent and brand yourself excellently online. Building a meaningful network...View Details

Lauren Davis is obsessed with empowering her clients through social media to boost sales, increase exposure, and impact their communities. She's an en...View Details

Donald Miller. John Maxwell. Ray Edwards. What do these thought leader brands all have in common?  They turn to Mike Kim for a brand strategy and hel...View Details

Your personal brand is essential to landing a paid board role!   But what steps should you take to build your personal brand? On today's episode, we d...View Details

How would you like a front row seat for training delivered by one of the leading authorities on Board architecture? Well, then today is your day!  Mee...View Details

We've all heard about the importance of an elevator pitch. But how much does it really matter? In today's episode, we're joined again by Matt Craven, ...View Details

Is there a wrong reason to do Board work?   Tommy Breedlove thinks so.  On today's podcast episode, Tommy explains how he originally joined boards for...View Details

Would you answer the call? We're talking about the call that leads to a board seat.  You have to be willing to put yourself out there to land a board ...View Details

Writing a board of directors resume is much the same as writing any other executive resume, right?  NOT QUITE. Some individuals expect resumes to all ...View Details

Wouldn't it be easy if someone could give you the secrets from inside the boardroom?  Do you ever wish there was a roadmap to becoming a paid corporat...View Details

What if I told you there's a brand new method for getting onto a board? One that will short-circuit the traditional approach. On today's show, we're g...View Details

It's easy to become overwhelmed by everything you need to do to launch and grow a board career. I know. I've been there. I've faced this challenge.  ...View Details

Welcome to the very first episode of my new podcast Boardroom Bound.  For the next few episodes, I'll spend a lot of time covering positioning and wha...View Details

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